The impact of the construction and upgrade of utility transmission and substation facilities on the High Desert area has not been adequately studied by the project proponent, Southern California Edison. We request complete evaluation of the Coolwater-Lugo project versus alternative transmission projects, including cost and negative impacts on the economic well-being, natural character, and habitat of our community. The project will create economic impacts, including drop in property values within communities that are already under duress, destruction of our view corridors, water aquifers, cultural resources and paleontological resources occurring in the area, including Native American artifacts, in addition to environmental impacts to special status species, including but not limited to the desert tortoise, Cooper’s hawk, golden eagle, and burrowing owl.


  1. Alex Serrano

    I dont want this project happening. It will destroy natural resources and habitat permanently. It will have a horrific visual intrusion effect, property values decreasing nearby, increased health effects by putting something new that wasn’t there before, the health and safety inpact will show up years or months later and irreversible damage. Anything can happen and will happen and not covered by the experts in favor or the project.

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