North Peak Project Threatens Southern California High Desert

Published in the Victor Valley Daily Press, July 20, 2014 by Robert Earle Howells The Daily Press has given its readers a chance to express their opinion about the North Peak Wind Project, and as of this writing, about 80% are opposed.

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Danger: Wind Farm Ahead. Watch for Falling Rotors

Ocotillo Wind Energy Facility — I am a resident East County Magazine – Park Ewing – October 20, 2013 “Our desert home is not really a home any longer, it is just a place to fight wind turbine syndrome, since the turbines crank out profits for huge investment companies and CEO’s get big bonuses while the uninformed public is forced to subsidize and allow production …

Of Wind Turbines and Free Markets

A couple of letters and a Valley Voices piece today (see elsewhere on these pages) all seek to arouse public opposition to a proposal to string a series of wind generators across north Apple Valley.