Tell the County: Put Big Energy
Projects Only on Degraded Land!

For several years, San Bernardino County has been developing a Renewable Energy and Conservation Element (RECE) to add to its General Plan. It will guide all renewable-energy development on private county lands for decades to come. On August 8, 2017, the RECE comes to a vote before the Board of Supervisors. To see time and place of meeting, click here.

The much-improved current RECE draft emphasizes rooftop solar, community solar, and protecting community values and ecological integrity. To view the current draft of the RECE, click here.

We like this. But more needs to be done before the vote on August 8. Most critically, the RECE should specify that the ONLY places for utility-scale renewable energy development are the five areas the supervisors identified in their February 2016 resolution to the BLM. Click here to see the resolution. The supervisors should now embed this position in the RECE.

The supervisors need to know that the people stand behind them. Send an e-mail to your county supervisors showing that you fully support a vote to restrict industrial-size renewable energy projects to the five areas. Click here to send a supporting e-mail to the supervisors. And show up at the August 8 hearing and make your presence felt!

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About the Five Degraded Areas
The five areas—Kramer Junction, El Centro, Hinckley, Trona, and Amboy—were selected based on an examination of Databasin biological maps, groundwater maps, wildlife linkage maps and studies, and boots-on-the ground inspections. The RECE would not simply preapprove any future project proposed for one of these sites; the project would still have to satisfy other RECE development criteria and go through environmental review. Additionally, rooftop solar, community solar, and other “point-of-use” installations would be available everywhere, as before.